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Diversity Day inspiration session 2022

On Thursday 12 May, the Diversity Day inspiration session took place in the context of the European Diversity Month. During this online event, the subject of diversity & inclusion in the workplace was put into practice by, among others, the keynotes of Bouchra Talidi and Prof. Jutta Allmendinger, the knowledge of the participants was put to the test by spoken word artist Zaïre Krieger and Sander Oygur (Randstad Group Netherlands) and Anna de Haan (KPN) talked about the activities they organise within their companies.  The session is available with English subtitles! You can download an English transcript here.

This session was part of European Diversity Month and is Co-Funded by the European Union.

Diversity Day inspiration session 2021

A successful Diversity Day inspiration session took place on Tuesday, May 18 2021! Maartje Laterveer (Deloitte) gave a presentation on the power of authenticity, in which she cited the research ‘Uncovering Talent’ by Deloitte. Gershwin Bonevacia (Amsterdam city poet) managed to touch the participants with his personal story. Finally, Marita Bruning (ABN AMRO), Daan van Dinter (PwC) and Zoë Sedlarik (Rabobank) told their Diversity Day activities. Did you miss the webinar? Watch it back now with Dutch and English subtitles.

This session was part of European Diversity Month and is Co-Funded by the European Union.

Webinar ‘Being Yourself Works’

On Thursday, June 18, 2020 the webinar ‘Being yourself works’ took place. Over 320 people watched the webinar live and we received good feedback about the content. That’s why you can watch the webinar back here!

This webinar starts with an accessible and engaging story by prof. Dr. Toon Taris – professor of organizational psychology at the University of Utrecht – about authenticity in the workplace. Toon lays a strong foundation on what authenticity, also known as “being yourself,” means exactly. Research shows people who are themselves and experience the space to express their feelings, behavior and external influence on a line, bring important positive effects. Think greater engagement with their employer, a happy and satisfied work attitude, and better ideas and innovations because of the room for creativity. But, authenticity can have a downside. How do you ensure that the authenticity of one person, does not come at the expense of another? And what if everyone is authentic and thus the ‘less fun aspects’ of work remain? This webinar will help you get started.

Afterwards (34:40), PwC, Alliander, Randstad, Rabobank and ABN AMRO will tell you how they successfully shaped Diversity Day 2019 and what their plans are for this year.

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