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Inspiring role models from large companies and public organizations discuss authenticity in the workplace in the podcast ‘Being yourself works’. What do you show of yourself, or not? And what influence does that have on making a career? The podcast is at the intersection of science and practice. *The podcast is only available in Dutch.

Personal stories

Role models from 2020 partner companies (ABN AMRO, ABU, Alliander, Asito, Friesland Campina, Gemeente Amsterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, John Blankenstein Foundation, KPN, ProRail, PwC, Rabobank, Randstad Groep Nederland, and Royal Schiphol Group) are put through their paces by Naomi Kok Luís, communications consultant at Diversity in Business. Naomi’s guests represent diversity on different diversity dimensions, such as work ability, cultural/ethnic background, gender, age and LGBT+. They candidly discuss their experiences, the exciting moments in their careers and what it means to them to be authentic at work. Seven candid conversations and fourteen interlocutors who know that it takes courage to be vulnerable. They share with you what has and hasn’t worked for them. The podcast ‘Being Yourself Works’ inspires and gives new insights. Don’t miss an episode and follow the podcast in your favorite podcast app, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. You can also listen to the podcasts here:

Episode 1

“Where do you actually come from?” is a question that is not strange to Mounia Arkhouch-Smits (Alliander) and Sadaf Ahmadi (Municipality of Rotterdam). Do they find such a question about their origin annoying or not? What role does their cultural background play in the workplace? Do they experience disadvantages or do they also see advantages? They will speak candidly about this.

Episode 2

How is it that in sports so few people are still open about their orientation? And what about in the business world? Karin Blankenstein (John Blankenstein Foundation) and Robert Loesberg (PwC) discuss coming out of the closet, the importance of role models and the power of employee networks.

Episode 3

Ronald Korpershoek (Rabobank) and Carolien Danckaerts (Royal Schiphol Group) are both visually impaired. They both recognize the importance of overcompensating and covering up the fact that they cannot read things properly. They speak candidly about their career paths and what they had to do to get where they are today.

Episode 4

Can you be yourself as a leader or is it better to play a role? Marjolein ten Hoonte (Randstad Group Netherlands) and Hans Meeuwis (FrieslandCampina) talk about inclusive leadership, the pros and cons of a ‘monoculture’ and the power of diverse teams.

Episode 5

How can you reach the top as a woman? Sandra Phlippen, Chief Economist at ABN AMRO and Lisette Oosterbroek, Vice President People Experience & Organizational Development at KPN talk to each other about being passionate about their profession, staying ‘rooted’ and being a different voice.

Episode 6

What’s the risk of trying to be someone you’re not? Anoek Klein Swormink (USG People) and Angelique Meul (Municipality of Amsterdam) talk about discovering your talents, putting yourself first and choosing what gives you energy.

Episode 7

What role does ethnicity play in the workplace? Iltisj Pocorni (ProRail) and Hassan el Hachimi (Asito) discuss the moments when their bicultural background became relevant, what goes well, but also what could be improved within the organizations.

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