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During Diversity Day, the Defense Materiel Organization (DMO) also got to celebrate diversity! The organization dwelt on the national theme “Being yourself works”, because also at the DMO, an organization with approximately 6,000 employees, each individual brings with him or her own backgrounds, qualities and talents. But what does this mean for the workplace? How do you work as yourself, how is this influenced by your background and what does this mean for your behavior?

To answer this, the DMO launched the Inclusion Maze. The maze aims to stimulate the conversation about diversity and inclusion in order to realize and increase awareness around this topic. The Inclusion Maze uses five questions and a follow-up discussion to trigger reflection on an individual and team level, so that people can gain insight into what lies beneath the surface. By understanding and being interested in each other’s background, lifestyle and experiences, we can learn from each other and jointly build an inclusive organization.

The maze will be applied within the organization in the near future in a COVID-proof manner.

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