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Naam organisatie: Diversity in business presents award

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On Diversity Day, Diversity in Business announced the winners of the 2020 Diversity in Business Award. Each year, the Award is presented to two companies that are signatories of the Diversity Charter. The Award is for signatories with an outstanding best practice to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The criteria for the best practice are: innovative, transferable and effective.

On October 6, a video appeared on the website and LinkedIn page of Diversity in Business. In it Harry van de Kraats, chairman of the Advisory Board of Diversity in Business, announced the winners of the Award Diversity in Business in 2020.

The award is a photo taken on location by Sacha de Boer that reflects diversity in the workplace. In 2019, the Award went to Royal Schiphol Group in the ‘large companies’ category and The Beginning Station in the ‘SME’ category. See above the photo De Boer took of Royal Schiphol Group.

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