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“What is important is that you stand for connection, it is not ‘the men against the women’. But take note: there has been enough talk, it is now time for action.

Marguerite Soeteman – Reijnen

Marguerite Soeteman – Reijnen is president of Aon Holdings, global CMO Aon Inpoint and since January 2020 Chairman of She sets the bar high, both in her personal ambitions, and on the topic of gender equality. As soon as the bill following the SER advice is adopted, the women’s quota will apply to 88 listed companies. This means that at least thirty percent of their supervisory boards will consist of women. proves with its database of highly qualified women that this should not be an obstacle; these women are plentiful. The time for action and results has come!

“I would like to see more focus on the financial well-being of women and not only on the gender pay gap,” says Marguerite Soeteman – Reijnen.

The binding quota is an important development. But gender equality is about more than women in top positions and the well-known gender pay gap, according to Marguerite. For example, a very underexposed topic is the unequal distribution of pensions.

We know that women live longer and in the family are often the ones who take leave or work less for the sake of the children. But with the choice to take on more family responsibility, part of their pension accrual does fall away. There is little awareness of this, because is this pension sufficient?

Marguerite’s aspiration is for women to show more leadership in this. “We are well able to take care of others, but sometimes don’t take such good care of ourselves. Therefore, look first at your own situation and what the financial consequences of your decisions will be.”

Marguerite concludes succinctly with strong advice, “Always ask yourself: do I have enough money for today, for my big dream and for my future?”

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