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Why Diversity Day?

We strive for a society that stands for connectedness and respect for differences. Under the motto “Diversity Enriches” we actively encourage everyone to appreciate the differences and to embrace and use everyone’s unique talents.

However, research shows that the Dutch feel that polarization is actually increasing. Oppositions are increasing, discussions are becoming more heated, and nuance seems to be being lost. In short: people are becoming increasingly harsh towards each other. During Diversity Day we plead for solidarity. With room for difference; only then we can use the power of diversity.

What is Diversity Day?

On October 1st, 2019, we celebrated Diversity Day for the first time under the motto “Being Yourself Works.” On this day of connection, we show that a mix of people with a difference in cultural origin, sexual orientation, age, gender or ability to work is positive.

On Diversity Day participating companies organize their own activity in the theme of diversity and inclusion. The content of the activity is up to the company. Think for example of a training course, lunch or event. We would like to help you with some concrete ideas, but feel free to work out your own creative ideas as well!

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