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There are seven diversity networks at Rabobank Netherlands. Together with the Diversity and Inclusion Team, these networks have put together the program for Diversity Day 2019:

  1. On this festive day, the kick-off took place of the Pigeonhole Test. This is an online test that confronts participants in a playful and surprising way with their own (unconscious) prejudices, stereotypes and need to pigeonhole people on the basis of their appearance.
  2. In the course of the day, the Rabobank Group held a meeting with the members of the network.
  3. At the head office, Rabo’s Diversity Breakfast took place. This was in cooperation with Rap aan de slag, the network for people with an extra challenge. This included a lecture on ‘The power of imperfection’.
  4. After that, the Diversity Market took place. Each network presented itself and contributed in the form of an activity.  It was a colorful and diverse program including: Bollywood dance workshop, a photobooth, a Meet and Greet with employees to get to know each other better and a Cyber Security stand, to demonstrate how prejudices/assumptions can be abused by cyber criminals.
  5. At 4 p.m., Jitske Kramer gave a musical lecture, “Join the Jam. This is not a standard lecture, but an experience that gets people moving. Jitske spoke about how people set and push boundaries. About the Jam Circle, the usefulness and necessity of inclusion for teams and organizations.
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