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October 3rd 2023

What is

Difference Enriches! Only when we create space for each other’s differences, can we all make a unique contribution. Not just at work, but anywhere at anytime. This way we form a strong whole together. On Diversity Day, companies in The Netherlands recognize the fact that diverse teams translate into a greater creativity, insights and productivity. They organize their own activities to draw attention to diversity. In this way, we are all taking a step in the right direction: a society in which we value and utilize everyone’s unique talents.

Online kick-off

We kicked off the fourth edition of Diversity Day with a banging musical performance by Jordan Roy and an inspiring speech by new SER-chair Kim Putters. Next, host Naomi Kok Luís put representatives from our partners to the test in a panel discussion. Within the theme of #DifferencesEnriches, the panelists talked about how they make a difference and ensure that difference does enrich the workplace. Curious about the insights? Watch the kickoff back.

*This online event is in Dutch, but you can turn on English subtitles.

Digital Diversity Box

Employees of companies who register for Diversity Day will have access to the digital Diversity Box. This includes the Diversity Day Game and communication materials.

Living Labels

Past preconceptions

In the run-up to Diversity Day, we shared stories from our Living Labels collection, a project in which people talk about the stereotypes they encounter in everyday life. Others are quick to attach labels to them, but often forget that a person cannot be summarised in one word. Together with the interviewees, we look beyond prejudices and listen to their stories.

Diversity Day 2023 is an initiative of SER Diversiteit in Bedrijf in partnership with:

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October 3rd 2023
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