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October 4th 2022

What is

Diversity Enriches! Only when we create space for each other’s differences, can we all make a unique contribution. Not just at work, but anywhere at anytime. This way we form a strong whole together. On Diversity Day, companies organize their own activities to draw attention to diversity. In this way, we are all taking a step in the right direction: a society in which we value and utilize everyone’s unique talents.

Digital Diversity Box

Employees of companies who register for Diversity Day will have access to the digital Diversity Box. This includes the Diversity Day Game and communication materials. You can now register for Diversity Day 2022!


In 2021, we kicked off Diversity Day with a livestream! Watch it back with Dutch and English subtitles.

Diversity Day 2022 is an initiative of SER Diversiteit in Bedrijf in partnership with:

Save the date

October 4th 2022
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